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Thanks to everyone for all the birthday greetings and llamas~ I really appreciate it. :)

New art coming eventually.

Commissions: Now with a handy example sheet with info on what falls under which price range.

~ I only accept Paypal(US Dollar).
~ Prices are set per character and include any extra details(weapons, smaller animal companions, etc).
~ Please be specific with details or provide a reference. Especially with original characters.
~ No backgrounds beyond basic shapes/abstract patterns. Because I suck at them. Trust me on that. Save your money, folks.
~ No slash, yaoi, yuri, incest or pornography of any kind... Unless it's funny. "What's funny?", you ask? Megatron and Starscream skipping gayly through a forest of Unicronunicorns? Funny. Naruto and Sasuke engaged in a soft-core make-out session? Not funny.

Send me a note titled "Commission", or something along those lines, with all the details of what you'd like. Once again, please be as specific as possible. I'll then provide my PayPal information and the total cost. I will start the commission immediately and, upon receiving payment, submit a watermarked version on dA for all to see or, if you'd prefer, link/email it to you directly for you and you alone. Just include which one you'd prefer in the note.

The power is yours! ...Choice! I meant choice!

$5 ~ Sketch
$10 ~ Lineart
$13 ~ Basic Color
$16 ~ Shaded

$10 ~ Sketch
$15 ~ Lineart
$18 ~ Basic Color
$20 ~ Shaded
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October 11, 2013


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